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Himalayan Cafe

Serving the authentic and delicious cuisine consistently with the high altitude  grown Himalayan herbs and shrubs which are known as Ayurvedic herbs ( Medicine) themselves; represented only Himalayan country, Nepal and Himalayan people Nepalese to give the different and distinct flavor of cuisine to our valued customers, the Himalayan Cafe has become the favorite Eatery for the locals and visitors.

The cuisines which are mainly popular and traditional in Himalaya throughout Nepal and Northern India too are prepared with those herbs and shrubs as the spices and ingredients for the tasty, fragrance and nutrition.

We feel so proud and grateful to you all valued customers for providing you such really wonderful Himalayan cuisine in Pasadena, San Dimas and Baldwin Park, the different locations.



Do you have an event coming up?

We pride ourselves in providing the most delicious dishes to any event you may have coming up. Allow us to take care of the food while you worry about the venue and who is invited!

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